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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Excel Add-in Development in C/C++: Applications in Finance

Book cover Excel Add-in Development in C/C++: Applications in Finance

Excel Add-in Development in C/C++: Applications in Finance

Steve Dalton
A high-end development how-to and reference book for the creation of high-performance add-ins for Excel in C/C++ with particular applications for users in the financial industry. The book relates to all 32-bit versions of Excel and contains numerous examples and a CD-ROM. The book takes a rigorous analytical approach to the subject of development within the constraints of Excel's environment. It analyses the various sets of data types that exist in Excel, VB and C/C++, showing how to convert and pass between them when necessary. It contains performance test code and results that a developer can use to help decide the best approach, as well as obtain a deep understanding of Excel. It contains an implementation of a C++ class that demonstrates how to harness the power of the C API within an object-oriented framework. It not only discusses what can be done, but also what specifically should not be done in order to avoid creating add-ins that might destabilize Excel.Extensive example codes in VB, C and C++ are provided, explaining all the ways in which a developer can achieve their objectives. The book also contains a number of example projects that demonstrate, from start to finish, the potential of Excel when powerful C/C+ DLL add-ins can be easily developed.
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The Wiley Finance Series
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