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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Massive Connectivity

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Massive Connectivity

Yuanwei LiuZhijin QinZhiguo Ding
This book discusses non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) and the various issues in NOMA networks, including capability, sustainability, and security. This book starts from the basics and key techniques of NOMA. Subsequently, the authors discuss three critical issues in NOMA networks, including compatibility, sustainability, and security. Particularly, the authors first demonstrate the applications of NOMA in different networks including MIMO-NOMA, NOMA in heterogeneous networks, and NOMA in cognitive radio networks to show the compatibility of NOMA with various networks. Then the wireless powered NOMA networks are presented to address the sustainability issues in NOMA networks to extend the network reliability and lifetime. The security enhanced NOMA networks are discussed for single antenna case and multiple antenna case, respectively. Finally, the most recent developments on artificial intelligence (AI) enabled NOMA networks are discussed and the research challenges on NOMA to support massive number of devices are identified.
1st ed. 2020
Springer International Publishing
ISBN 13:
SpringerBriefs in Computer Science
PDF, 2.55 MB
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